Three wheeler ATV's

One of the first three wheeled ATV's was designed and marketed by Honda in 1970. This was shown in the James Bond movie of the times 'Diamonds are Forever'. The vehicle was called the US90 and once Honda obtained the trademark for the term, the name was changed to ATC90 (All terrain Cycle). This vehicle was designed mainly for recreation and had large balloon tires instead of mechanical suspension.

Another landmark model from Honda was released in the 1980's called the Honda ATC200E Big red. It had great suspension and racks and was able to go on to all kinds of terrains that other vehicles could not. It was extremely popular with hunters in Canada and the United States.

Honda was quick to apply for design patents and therefore it had a fair amount of monopoly in the market. The ATC250R was another high performing three wheeler that had a full suspension, a 248cc 2-stroke engine and a 5 speed transmission with a manual clutch. It was easy to ride and introduced many new players into the category.

While there were many players who tried to break this dominance of Honda, none really succeeded in doing so. Some of the models developed by other companies include the Yamaha Tri-Z YTZ250, the Kawasaki Tecate KXT250 and others. Some of the lesser known companies that make three wheeled ATV's are Tiger ATV, Cagiva and Franks.

Three wheeled ATV's are considered to be more unstable in comparison to four wheeled ATV's and today you will find that only a few models of the three wheeled ATV exist since they have mainly been replaced with four wheeled ones.



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