Saving your ATV from salt corrosion from winter road riding

If you are someone who is addicted to off-roading, chances are that you will not be able to keep yourself away from continuing your hobby during winters too. There are various mechanical ramifications of riding your ATV in winter and you need to be aware of the damage that salt can cause. Some of the less apparent damage that takes place due to salt includes that to the exhaust system. The headpipe tends to get rusted and while you can shake off some rust by moving it, this can cause a split in the pipe itself.

If something like this happens, you will need to then learn how to weld the holes that have been created or seal off the split. This can be a tough exercise where you may get close to the original situation but may never get the pipe to its original form. Therefore, it is recommended that you stay clear of riding in snow even if you are adept at managing the vehicle and maneuvering it easily. The only other option that you have if you are hell bent on using the vehicle in the winter too is to ensure that you shake off and clean the snow completely every time you use the vehicle.

ATV riding is best done during the summer. However, if the ATV is a utility ATV you may not be able to avoid some riding in winter if you have things and materials to move around the farm or take logs or produce to the market.



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